North American Bluebird Society

Want to set up your very own bluebird trail?  We’ve partnered with the North American Bluebird Society (NABS), the non-profit organization responsible for the continent-wide citizen science program that has resulted in the bluebird’s dramatic recovery.

Bluebird trails can be large or small.  Al Larson’s bluebird trails include over 300 nestboxes, but just a handful of boxes in your backyard can still make a difference and be just as fun to monitor and maintain!  There are many factors to consider when setting up your first bluebird trail such as your geographic location, habitat type, and food availability.  Luckily, the North American Bluebird Society has some fantastic information on their website geared specifically towards folks who are interested in getting their first bluebird nestboxes set up.

Visit the NABS factsheet page to get started, and be sure to sign up to become a member so you can receive their quarterly newsletter to stay updated on the latest bluebird news!